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Q-Connect Drywipe Eraser Washable KF01972 Pack of 1 "Q-Connect Whiteboard Eraser. Washable, lightweight eraser with a soft absorbent surface making board cleaning easy."
Inc Vat £8.65
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Q-Connect Whiteboard Surface Cleaner 250ml Pack of 1 Q-Connect Whiteboard Cleaner. Removes grease and grime from all hard surfaces and Whiteboards. 250ml.
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in stock 1527
Q-Connect Assorted 25mm Magnets (Pack of 10) KF02643 Pack of 1 Q-Connect circular display magnets for use on magnetic dry wipe boards. Size: 25mm. Colour: Assorted.
Inc Vat £24.53
in stock 636
Q-Connect Economy Whiteboard Starter Kit KF10690 Pack of 1 "Q-Connect Whiteboard Kit for all your basic requirements for your whiteboards. Each kit contains 1 (125ml) Whiteboard Cleaning Fluid, Whiteboard Eraser and one each of Black, Blue, Red and Green Whiteboard Markers."
Inc Vat £29.98
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Nobo Gridding Tape 1.5mm x10m Black 1901120 Pack of 1 "Nobo Gridding Tape. For use with all magnetic boards, planners etc. Size 1.5mm x 10m. Colour - Black."
Inc Vat £19.81
in stock 42
Bi-Office White Lightweight Magnetic Eraser AA0105 BQ53105 Pack of 1 Lightweight magnetic board eraser for magnetic and whiteboard surfaces. Cleans surface to enable re-use time and time again.
Inc Vat £9.59
in stock 155
Q-Connect Magnet 25mm Blue (Pack of 10) KF02640 Pack of 1 Magnets for use with Q-Connect magnetic boards. Variety of colours perfect for colour coding. Strong magnets guarantee sticking power to your board. Perfect for pinning of documents. High value alternative to big brands. Colour Blue. Size 25mm diameter.
Inc Vat £29.03
in stock 225
Q-Connect Whiteboard Starter Kit Pack of 1 "Q-Connect Whiteboard Starter Kit. Everything you need for a magnetic whiteboard! Each kit contains a 250ml bottle of whiteboard cleaning fluid, 4 assorted whiteboard markers, 10 assorted magnets, a whiteboard eraser plus refills and 5 absorbent wipes."
Inc Vat £76.97
in stock 57
Nobo Black Magnetic 10mmx10m Self-Adhesive Tape 1901053 Pack of 1 "Nobo Adhesive Magnetic Tape. For use with magnetic planners, Whiteboards, easels etc. Cut to size with scissors, peel off cover paper and stick to the back of any card or paper you wish to use as a magnetic accessory. Size - 10mm x 10m. Assorted Colours"
Inc Vat £21.24
in stock 19
Show-me Mini Foam Board Eraser Pk35 Pack of 35 Show-me mini foam eraser MFE35. Ideal for small hands. Wipes away drywipe ink quickly and easily. Approx size (mm): 75 x 50 x 25.
Inc Vat £13.69
in stock 1
Legamaster Black Self-Adhesive Tape For Planning Boards 16m 4332-01 Pack of 1 Self adhesive divider tape is a quick and precise way of marking out columns and rows to transform any whiteboard into a planner. Handy dispenser for easy application. Tape can be removed and board re-used. Tape size: 2.5mm x 16m. Colour: Black.
Inc Vat £19.45
in stock 1789
Q-Connect Magnet 24mm Assorted (Pack of 60) KF02040Q Pack of 10 Q-Connect Magnets 24mm. Handy pack of magnets perfect for fixing notices and notes to magnetic boards and surfaces. Set in flat headed plastic outers. Six assorted colours.
Inc Vat £113.81
in stock 260
Legamaster White Magnetic Marker Holder 7-1220-00 Pack of 1 Legamaster Magnetic Marker Holder. Magnetic holder designed to hold up to four markers in a horizontal position. Suitable for all magnetic boards.
Inc Vat £16.46
in stock 511
Nobo Magnetic Tape 10mm x5m Black 1901131 Pack of 1 "Nobo Magnetic Tape - MT10. For use with all magnetic boards, planners etc. Size - 10mm x 5m. Colour - Black."
Inc Vat £26.33
in stock 39
Q-Connect Whiteboard Surface Foam Cleaner KF04504 Pack of 1 "Q-Connect Surface and Whiteboard Foam Cleaner. Restores the appearance of Whiteboards, keyboards, casings, monitors, mice and much more removing ingrained grease and dirt. Do not use on screens. 400ml."
Inc Vat £12.10
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Maul Assorted Dome Magnets 0.6kg Capacity (Pack of 10) 6166099 Pack of 1 "Attractive dome shaped magnets with high gloss mirror finish. Strong 0. 6kg capacity. 30mm diameter. 10 assorted colours per pack. Contains one of each: white, yellow, red, blue, magenta, green, violet, grey, black and silver."
Inc Vat £20.20
in stock 19
Artline Assorted Smiley Whiteboard Erasers (Pack of 4) ERT-mmS-GB4 Pack of 1 Specially designed magnetic eraser allows easy adhesion to magnetic drywipe boards. Removes all marks made with drywipe markers from your whiteboard.
Inc Vat £22.90
in stock 382
AF Whiteboard Clene Pump Spray 250ml ABCL250 Pack of 1 AF Whiteboard Clene. Whiteboard cleaner ideal for removing most types of ink from whiteboard surfaces. Non-flammable with a pleasant lemon fragrance in a 250ml pump spray.
Inc Vat £12.29
in stock 10
Maul Dome Magnet 30mm Black 6166090 Pack of 10 Maul Dome Magnet 30mm Black 6166090
Inc Vat £20.20
in stock 63
Show-me Wooden Handled Mini Felt Whiteboard Eraser (Pack of 30) WME30 Pack of 30 "Show-me wooden handled mini felt eraser WME30. Ideal for small hands. Wipes away drywipe ink quickly and easily. Approx size (mm): 75 x 50 x 25. Traditional wooden-handled erasers. Shaped handles in a natural wood finish. Soft, washable felt surface."
Inc Vat £19.01
Item is not in stock
Show-me 500ml Whiteboard Cleaner WCE500 Pack of 1 "Show-me 500ml Whiteboard Cleaner. Trigger spray bottle dispenses cleaner easily. Removes drywipe ink from whiteboards. Safe, non flammable, alcohol free formula."
Inc Vat £6.44
in stock 97
Bi-Office Gridding Tape 1.5mmx10m Black FM0505 Pack of 1 Bi-Office Gridding Tape 1.5mm x 10m Black FM0505. For use with whiteboards. Self-adhesive for easy application.
Inc Vat £21.66
in stock 58
Maul 30mm Blue Dome Magnet 6166035 Pack of 10 Maul Dome Magnet 30mm Blue 6166035
Inc Vat £20.20
in stock 150
Inc Vat £19.22
in stock 15
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