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Q-Connect Semi-Desktop Calculator 12-Digit KF01605 Pack of 1 "Q Connect Dual Powered 10 Digit Calculator with extra large easy to read adjustable display, 4 memory keys, battery back-up and auto power off. Dimensions - 138x103x31mm."
Inc Vat £28.92
Aurora Grey 8-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DB453B Pack of 1 "Aurora 8 Digit Semi-Desktop Dual Powered Calculator DB453B. Ideal for general use, features include fixed angle display for easy viewing, large keys, 3 memory keys, mark up/down key and auto power off. Dimensions - 102x133x25mm."
Inc Vat £10.07
Inc Vat £24.49
Inc Vat £11.66
Q-Connect Large Table Top 12 Digit Calculator Grey KF15758 Pack of 1 12-digit calculator. Reliable and hardwearing. VAT and tax functions. Dual power options: solar and battery. Colour: grey.
Inc Vat £42.02
Aurora White/Blue 8-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DT210 Pack of 1 "Dual powered desktop calculator with large 8 digit fixed angle display and spacious keypad. Features include: 4 key memory, constants: addition, division, multiplication and subtraction, percentage and square root keys and +/- change sign key."
Inc Vat £7.39
Q-Connect Pocket Calculator 8-Digit KF01602 Pack of 1 Q-Connect Compact 8 digit Dual Powered Calculator with an extra large display. Supplied complete with wallet. Dimensions - 99x58x6mm
Inc Vat £14.47
Aurora Silver/Grey 12-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DT398 Pack of 1 "Aurora Semi-Desktop Calculator - DT398. Professional, dual powered calculator with a durable metal facia, hard keys, decimal point selector, round up key, mark up key, 3 memory keys and auto power off."
Inc Vat £13.36
Sharp EL310AN Semi-Desk Calculator Pack of 1 EL310AN Semi-desk Calculator 8 Digit large LCD display. Slant display for easy viewing. Dual powered. Four key memory functions. Percentage key. Square root key.
Inc Vat £7.42
Sharp White and Grey 10-Digit Semi-Desktop Calculator EL334FB Pack of 1 "Sharp Semi-Desk Calculator EL334FB. Dual powered, 10-digit calculator with a 4-key memory, kick stand, GT function and tax calculation keys. Battery included"
Inc Vat £14.39
Aurora Grey/Black 12-Digit Desk Calculator DT303 Pack of 1 Aurora Heavy Duty 12 Digit Dual Powered Desktop Calculator with large keys and fixed angle display for easy viewing. Other features include Round up-down and decimal selector. DT303. Dimensions - 133x198x34mm.
Inc Vat £18.16
Aurora Black /White 12-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator EC404 Pack of 1 "Aurora EcoCalc 8-digit semi desk calculator made from recycled plastic, packaging made from 90% plus recycled paper and zero air miles during transportation. Features ISO14001, RoHS and WEEE compliant, Large keys, large display and large answer bar."
Inc Vat £10.72
Aurora 8 Digit Pocket Calculator White HC133 Pack of 1 Aurora 8 digit dual powered pocket calculator which features large keys and a clear keyboard for ease of use. Dimensions 69x115x15mm.
Inc Vat £4.79
Inc Vat £7.78
Aurora Grey/Black 12-Digit Desk Calculator DT85V Pack of 1 "Aurora Heavy Duty 12 Digit Desktop Calculator with an angled display, large answer bar and two independent memories. Dimensions - 140x198x46mm. DT85V."
Inc Vat £22.69
Sharp Silver 8-Digit Hand Held Pocket Calculator EL240SAB Pack of 1 "Sharp Pocket Calculator - EL240S. Handheld, 8-digit calculator with a large LCD display, plastic keys, dual powered, 3 key memory, large slanted display and last answer function. Dimensions - 71 x 116 x 165mm."
Inc Vat £4.85
Aurora Silver/Grey 12-Digit Desk Calculator DT401 Pack of 1 "Aurora Euro Calculator - D7401. Desk top calculator that features, a large adjustable display for optimum viewing, extra large keypad for ease of use, durable hard keys for everyday heavy-duty use, programmable currency converter and Set key."
Inc Vat £23.99
Casio Silver Scientific Calculator FX83GTPLUS-SB-UH Pack of 1 "Casio FX83ES+ scientific calculator. Features 12 digit display, 252 functions, up to 79 bytes formula memory, multi line playback, regression analysis, statistics and 164 scientific functions."
Inc Vat £23.95
Casio 12-Digit Cost/Sell/Margin/Tax Calculator Silver MS-120BM Pack of 1 "Casio's cost, sell and margin calculator features a large 12-digit display to increase clarity. It also contains percentage, tax and profit calculation functions."
Inc Vat £22.06
Aurora Grey/Black 12-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DT661 Pack of 1 "Aurora Multifunctional Calculator - DT661. Durable, dual powered desk top calculator with a large 12-digit display, cost/sell/margin features, scroll facility, one touch tax feature and currency converter."
Inc Vat £14.72
Casio Silver Scientific Calculator FX-85GTPLUS-SB-UT Pack of 1 "Casio FX85ES scientific calculator with 249 functions and natural textbook display. Features list based statistical data entry, multi replay, 164 scientific functions, 7 memories, 24 parentheses and79 byte formula memory. for key stages 3, 4 and above."
Inc Vat £27.17
Sharp Silver 8-Digit Semi-Desktop Calculator EL-330ERB Pack of 1 Semi-desktop calculator with 8 digit LCD display. Tax function. 4-key memory. Euro function. Tilt display.
Inc Vat £9.17
Aurora Black 12-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DT910P Pack of 1 "Aurora DT910P Desktop Calculator. Dual power 12 digit calculator with tax function, auto shut off and cost, sell and margin functions."
Inc Vat £11.06
Sharp Black EL-124AT Desktop Calculator EL124ATWH Pack of 1 Sharp Black EL-124AT Desktop Calculator (Pk 1) EL124ATWH 12 digital large LCD display. Save time with tax buttons: +Tax/ - Tax. Easy totals with GT key. 4 key memory. Easy to read tilt display to minimize glare.
Inc Vat £10.26
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