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Avery Ticket Attachments 40mm (Pack of 5000) 02141 Pack of 1 The worlds leading brand of ticket attachments renowned for their quality. Packed in boxes of 5000. 40mm.
in stock 386
Avery Single Line Pricing Gun HL0008 Pack of 1 Avery Single Line Pricing Gun. Robust, easy to load one line hand labeller suitable for numerous applications including pricing and data coding. Will print up to ?999.99 and has eight numeric characters.
in stock 316
Avery Tagging Needles Plastic Standard (Pack of 5) 05012 Pack of 1 Replacement needles for tagging. Renews performance of your tagging gun. Compatible with Avery Tagging Gun Mark 3. Plastic base for medium duty use. Length: 35mm. Pack of 5 needles.
in stock 654
Safescan Hand Held UV Lamp 40H 130-0444 Pack of 1 Safescan handheld UV detector. Verifies UV features in banknotes, ID cards, credit cards etc. Also ideal for scanning for UV markings on property. Built in powerful white LED flashlight checks watermarks. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).
in stock 175
Avery Tagging Gun Standard Mk3 01031 Pack of 1 Fast trigger action requires one squeeze to attach tab. Reliable simple mechanism lasts for years. Fires both 50 and 100/clip fasteners. Safe new ergonomic design to reduce RSI. Needle hood for when needle is not in use.
in stock 579
Avery Replacement Ink Roller (Pack of 5) Black CASIR5 Pack of 1 Suitable for all Mark II Avery one line, two line and alpha/numeric two line hand labelling guns. Practical and designed to boost efficiency. Colour: black. Pack of 5..
in stock 31
Avery Fastener Security Self-Tightening Loop 125mm (Pack of 1000) 10673-0 Pack of 1 A useful self-tightening closure for a wide variety of applications. Ideal for closing bin bags. 125mm.
in stock 119
Flexocare Red and White Polythene Barrier Tape Dispenser 72mmx500m 7101001 Pack of 1 Barrier Tape, ideal for cordoning off areas in warehouses and factories. Size 72mmx500m. Colour - Red/White.
in stock 40
JSP Red Weighted Traffic Cone With Reflective Sleeve 1000mm JAA060220654 Pack of 1 Large 1000mm road cone with sealed sand-weighted base. Stackable for easy storage. Reflective sleeve for higher visibility. Pocketed design prevents water damage. Indented boss at top for attaching tape. Colour: Red.
in stock 34
Avery Ticket Attachments 65mm (Pack of 5000) 02161 Pack of 1 Avery Ticket Attachments 02161. The worlds leading brand of ticket attachment, renowned for their quality. Packed in boxes of 5000. Size: 65mm.
in stock 155
Avery Ticket Attachments 20mm (Pack of 5000) 02121 Pack of 1 The worlds leading brand of ticket attachments renowned for their quality. Packed in boxes of 5000. 20mm.
in stock 395
Avery Two-Line Labeller Black HL0018 Pack of 1 Avery Two Line Hand Labeller. Useful hand held labeller for coding and pricing. Features 10-digits on the top line, 8-numeric characters on the bottom line.
in stock 62
2 Part Traffic Cone 1000mm 398431 Pack of 1 2 Part Traffic Cone 1000mm 398431
in stock 57
Tagging Gun Standard Mk III 4PVX1GN Pack of 1 Standard tagging gun for the easy application of tags to various objects. Perforates a variety of materials. Simple and safe to use. Suited to heavy duty use. Perfectly suited to retail purposes.
in stock 746
Silver Standard Tagging Needles (Pack of 5) 4PVNDP1BX Pack of 1 Needles for price tagging. Plastic base for everyday durability. Professional look when tagging clothing and other products. Designed for tagging guns. Keeps tagging fluid and efficient.
in stock 123
in stock 17
Black Rope 25x1500mm With Chrome Hooks VERRS-CLRP-CHBL Pack of 1 Rope with hooks fitted, supplied in standard lengths 25mmx1500mm. For use with economy or classic rope stands. Black rope with chrome hooks.
in stock 5
Avery Fastener Secur-a-Tach Self-Sealing Loop 125mm (Pack of 5000) Pack of 1 A strong, secure and easy to use nylon self sealing loop. Ideal for attaching tickets to almost any product. 125mm
in stock 69
Safescan 50 Black UV Counterfeit Detector 131-0397 Pack of 1 Safescan Counterfeit Detector UV50. Black. Suitable for all currencies. Verifies the UV features in banknotes. Verifies watermarks, microprint and metal thread. Verifies credit cards, passports and other ID's.
in stock 441
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