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2Work Washing Up Liquid Lemon 1 Litre 2W04589 Pack of 1 2Work Washing-Up Liquid Lemon 1-litre. Concentrate dishwashing detergent with extra cleaning power. Advanced blend of cleaning agents and lemon oils with a zesty lemon fragrance. Gentle formula for skin softness.
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2Work Thick Bleach 5 Litre 2W03977 Pack of 1 2Work Thick Bleach for cleaning and disinfecting. Kills germs and bacteria quickly. Supplied in an economical 5-litre bottle.
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Carex Anti-bacterial Handwash 250ml KJEYS2502/6 Pack of 6 Carex Handwash 250ml
in stock 487
Fairy Hand Dish Washing Liquid 615ml 4084500900509 Pack of 1 Lasts up to 50% longer than other brands. Super concentrated formula means a little goes a long way. Cuts through grease and dirt with ease. Perfect for pre-soaking caked-on food. Leaves your dishes sparkling and fresh. 615ml bottle.
in stock 905
2Work Lemon Floor Gel 5 Litre 2W04569 Pack of 1 2Work Lemon Floor Gel. A concentrated, low foam hard surface cleaner. Removes rubber scuff marks effectively. Suitable for use with or without a rotary polishing machine. Long lasting, fresh zesty lemon fragrance. 5 litre bottle.
in stock 247
2Work Anti-bacterial Sanitiser Spray 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W04586 Pack of 6 2Work Antibacterial Sanitiser Trigger Spray 750ml. Gets rid of 99.99 percent of all bacteria and works against MRSA. Ready to use just spray and wipe ideal for hospitals and catering environments.
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2Work Neutral Floor Cleaner 5 Litre 2W06292 Pack of 1 Floor cleaner with fresh lemon fragrance. Suitable for mopping and spray mopping. Safe for all hard floors including PVC, marble, linoleum and wood.
in stock 239
Febreze Cotton Fresh Aerosol Spray 300ml 5413149749061 Pack of 1 Febreze Cotton Fresh Air Freshener 300ml
in stock 208
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2Work Economy Washing Up Liquid 5 Litre 2W04170 Pack of 1 Powerful but mild Dishwasher Neutral Detergent. Cleans to a sparkling finish. Also ideal for general purpose cleaning. Concentrated. 5 litre bottle.
in stock 250
2Work Pine Disinfectant 5 Litre Bottle 2W03986 Pack of 1 2Work Pine Disinfectant 5-litre. Powerful disinfectant and deodoriser concentrate, kills odour producing fungi and neutralises unpleasant odours. Disinfect and refresh all surfaces including stainless steel, chrome, glass and tiles. Fresh Pine fragrance.
in stock 543
250ml Anti-bacterial Hand Wash (Pack of 2) KCWMAS/2 Pack of 1 Maxima Antibacterial Hand Soap 250ml
in stock 674
550ml Washing Up Liquid Blue (Pack of 2) 1015055 Pack of 2 Washing Up Liquid 550ml (Pk 2) WX00565 Fast easy removal of grease and food residues. Holds more grease than other leading competitors. Cuts through grease easily and effectively giving great results every time. 550ml
in stock 1444
Persil Professional Non-Biological Washing Powder 6.3kg 7516798 Pack of 1 6.3kg bulk pack. Cleans tough stains quickly. Non-biological formula for sensitive fabrics. Provides up to 90 washes. Ideal for commercial laundry use. Pack of 1.
in stock 77
Cif Professional Stainless Steel and Glass Cleaner 750ml 7517938 Pack of 1 Cif Professional Stainless Steel/Glass Cleaner. Multi-surface spray cleans glass and all interior surfaces leaving a streak-free shine. Size: 750ml.
in stock 344
Blue Centrefeed Roll 2 Ply 150m (Pack of 6) KMAT6238 Pack of 1 Centre-feed hand towel roll for dispensers. Blue colouring ideal for catering use. Quality two-ply tissue. Designed for centre-feed dispensers. Pack of 6x 150 metre rolls.
in stock 2916
in stock 538
Sun Professional Dishwashing Tablets (Pack of 100) HG756 Pack of 1 Sun Professional Dishwashing Tablets. Especially developed to give outstanding results in all manually dosed professional and domestic dishwashers. Enhanced enzymatic performance removes tea, Coffee, starch and dried on foods.
in stock 85
Cif Lemon Cleaner 500ml 1014099 Pack of 1 Cif Cream Cleaner. Tough on stains without damaging delicate surfaces. Removes baked on food, limescale and stubborn dirt without scratching or leaving residue. 500ml.
in stock 2294
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