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Q-Connect Brown Storage Box 335x400x250mm KF21665 Pack of 10 Q-Connect Storage Box. Durable rigid storage - a fully modular storage solution. This easy-to-assemble unit features lift off lid and cut-out handles and will accommodate 5x Q magazine files or 3x Q transfer cases. Dimensions with lid D335xW400xH255mm.
in stock 1156
Q-Connect Green and White Business Storage Box 335x400x250mm (Pack of 10) KF21660 Pack of 10 Contract Storage Box White 381 x 330 x 255mm
in stock 1541
Bankers Box Buff Storage Bag Pack of 25 0011001 Pack of 25 Fellowes Earth Series Storage Bags. An inexpensive way to contain and protect bulk correspondence and filing. Manufactured from tough manilla with a tie closure and large label area for easy identification. Suitable for both A4 and foolscap papers.
in stock 4885
Q-Connect Green and White Mega-Store Box (Pack of 10) KF21738 Pack of 1 El Mega - Store Box. perfect for storage and for transporting large quantities of records and filing, including computer printout. Holds 4 Q-Connect business transfer cases or 5 Q-Connect business magazine files. Internal dimensions W383x D430x H295.
in stock 232
Bankers Box Large Grey Storage Box (Pack of 10) 01810-FFLP Pack of 10 Archive System Storage Box. Sturdy corrugated box with handles and lid. Large labeling area on all sides. Stacks 4 high. Accepts lever arch and magazine files.
in stock 418
Q-Connect White Business Transfer Case (Pack of 10) KF21661 Pack of 10 Q-Connect Business Transfer File. Features a flip top lid keeping papers clean and dust free, large label area ensuring quick identification of contents and finger holes for easy retrieval. Internal - W98xD367xH235mm.
in stock 248
Bankers Box Grey Standard Storage Box (Pack of 10) 00810-FF Pack of 10 Bankers Box System Storage Box. Fastfold storage box is quick and easy to assemble. Accommodates A4 and Foolscap suspension files. Colour - Grey/White.
in stock 289
Q-Connect Manilla Foolscap Storage Bag (Pack of 50) KF25001 Pack of 50 Q-Connect Storage Bag manufactured from strong manilla with reinforced spine. White tape for secure fastening and a large label area for ease of identification. Supplied flat packed. Foolscap. Internal dimensions - W100xD255xH350mm.
in stock 597
Q-Connect Extra Strong Business Storage Box W327xD387xH250mm Green and White KF75007 Pack of 10 Q-Connect Extra Strong Business Storage Box W327 x D387 x H250mm Green and White KF75007. Heavyweight triple wall corrugated construction. Can fit up to 3 Q-Connect Business Magazine Files or Business Transfer Cases. Lid and cut out handles.
in stock 78
Fellowes Bankers Box Grey Foolscap Transfer File 120mm 01805 Pack of 10 Use as the basic filing module within the system, or independently. Both sizes accommodate A4 and foolscap paperwork and wallets. Convenient dual labelling areas on lid and spine together with a finger hold for easy retrieval. Grey
in stock 271
Fellowes Bankers Box System File Store Module 01880 Pack of 1 Bankers Box Magazine File 01880. Easy to assemble corrugated filing module for storing a maximum of 6 lever arch files, A4 or Foolscap and will stack 4 units high. Colour - Grey/White.
in stock 277
Bankers Box Earth Series Brown Storage Box (Pack of 10) 4472401 Pack of 1 Earth Series Budget Storage Box. Ecofriendly storage box. Hand holds for easy carriage. Sturdy double-layer corrugated cardboard construction. Manufactured from 100 percent recycled board with water-based ink. Internal dimensions W260xD325xH375mm.
in stock 69
Bankers Box Brown R-Kive Earth Storage Box (Pack of 10) 4470601 Pack of 10 Durable storage box for paperwork and files. Manufactured from double thickness corrugated fibreboard with large label areas for identification and tote handles for ease of transportation. W325xD375xH260mm.
in stock 396
Fellowes Earth Series Large Storage Box (Pack of 10) 4470701 Pack of 10 Eco-friendly storage box for archive use. Sturdy double-layer corrugated cardboard construction. Hand-holds for easy carriage.
in stock 277
Fellowes Bankers Box Premium Presto Classic Storage Box Woodgrain 7250501 Pack of 10 "Bankers Box Premium Storage Box. Cleverly designed and easy to assemble, each unit comes complete with lift off lid, convenient tote handles and large labelling area. Ideal for use on steel shelving. Colour - Woodgrain. Dimensions: 330 x 254 x 381mm."
in stock 103
Fellowes Heavy Duty Bankers Box Large Size W380xD430xH287mm (Pack of 10) 001812 Pack of 10 Fellowes Large Size Bankers Box. Double thickness corrugated board. Reinforced handles. Stackable up to 6 high. W380 x D430 x H287mm. Grey/white.
in stock 23
Fellowes Bankers Box Earth Series Heavy Duty Box (Pack of 10) 4479901 Pack of 10 Bankers Box Earth Series Heavy Duty Storage Box 4479901. Reinforced hand holes.
in stock 111
Q-Connect Brown Transfer Case (Pack of 20) KF21666 Pack of 20 Q-Connect Transfer Case. For storing files or individual papers, the case has a finger hole for easy retrieval. Accepts A4 size documents. Size: 317x92x241mm.
in stock 155
Bankers Box System Storage Box W370xD255xH440mm (Pack of 10) 00791-FFLP Pack of 10 Storage Box. Durable, sturdy box with lift-off lid. Manufactured from 100% recycled corrugated board, providing storage and transportation for files etc. Can be stacked 4 high and takes A4, foolscap and print out paper. Dimensions: W370xD440xH255mm.
in stock 102
Fellowes Brown R-Kive Earth Transfer File (Pack of 20) 4470201 Pack of 20 Fellowes Earth Series Transfer File. Ideal for storing A4 papers and folders. Manufactured from corrugated fibre board with a convenient labelling area for identification of contents and finger hole for easy retrieval. W100xD320xH254mm
in stock 108
Q-Connect Lever Arch File Module Black 131447 Pack of 1 Q-Connect Lever Arch Storage Module. A convenient way to store your lever arch files. Each file holder has space to store up to six A4/Foolscap lever arch files. Internal dimensions - H286xW545xD355mm. Colour - Black.
in stock 105
Q-Connect Business Easy Set Up Storage Box (Pack of 10) KF02007 Pack of 10 Q-Connect Business Easy Set-up storage box. Features pop-up design for easy construction, lift off lid and cut out handles, Accepts 3 Q-Connect Business magazine files or transfer cases. Internal dimensions: W327 x D387 x H250mm.
in stock 146
Fellowes Heavy Duty Bankers Box Standard W333xD390xH285mm (Pack of 10) 0081801 Pack of 10 Fellowes Standard Size Bankers Box. Double thickness corrugated board. Reinforced handles. Stackable up to 6 high. W333 x D390 x H285mm. Grey/white.
in stock 83
Fellowes Bankers Box Premium Presto Classic Storage Box Blue 7250601 Pack of 10 Bankers Box Presto Storage Box. Strong portable stackable storage box with reinforced tear-resistant hand holes deep lift off lids and featuring the PRESTO instant assembly mechanism - just push the corners together and it's ready to use.
in stock 40
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